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Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

The areas of application for WAGO products are many and varied. Our components are used worldwide in industry, in vehicle manufacturing, process technology, building and lighting technology, and in many other demanding areas.

Power Measurement and Monitoring

WAGO’s innovative automation and measuring technology offers reduced energy costs, optimized system capacity and ensures manufacturing processes. continue...

Building Automation

From simple component installation to complex building automation – WAGO's portfolio does it all. continue...

Lighting technology

With innovative products, WAGO creates new connection technologies for artificial lighting – via industry-proven, tool-free and maintenance-free CAGE CLAMP® technology. > More

Energy and Process Automation

WAGO products and solutions for the process technology, energy supply, and energy distribution markets. continue...


There are high requirements for components in industry with respect to their reliability. This is no problem with WAGO ... continue...

Traffic Engineering

The various areas of traffic engineering share one item: the extreme external influence factors that affect the components used. continue...

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