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So that we can keep improving the quality of our industrial products yet at the same time retain their cost-effectiveness, the degree of mechanization and automation in producing companies keeps increasing.

Heat and cold, humidity and dust, vibration, shock, permanent and alternating loads: high requirements are made of all components that are used in industrial processes. Their reliability must be a given both in optimal and in especially challenging environmental conditions. WAGO's rail-mounted terminal blocks, connectors, and automation components have proven themselves in these applications for decades – regardless of in which industry...

Automotive Industry

WAGO products are used in production systems in the automotive industry in order to guarantee the greatest degree of availability. continue...

Industrial Electronics

WAGO connectors and PCB terminal blocks have found an application in the industrial electronics industry. Our customers include device manufacturers; that is, manufacturers of drive technology, controllers, measurement equipment, classic mechanical engineering, railway applications, and shipbuilding. continue...

Mechanical Engineering

Machines are often designed and produced to be exported and are expected to be fully operational upon arrival. After long transports, these machines are expected to start-up quickly, without costly maintenance issues that complicate the installation. continue...


eMobility is the buzz word at the moment. All around the world, there is investment in infrastructure projects. WAGO participates in committee work and work groups worldwide. continue...

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