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Explosion protection

Explosion protection

WAGO's explosion protection has proven itself for decades in Ex applications and it ensures seamless protection that can be adapted flexibly to constantly-changing requirements. Learn more about why you are a step ahead with our Ex protection and whether it is also important for you.

Explosion protection is among the legally-required safety-relevant task areas of system engineers and planners. And this not without reason: explosive atmospheres can arise nearly anywhere. It's not just the usual suspects such as the chemical industry, mining, and gas and oil production work with substances that form an explosive atmosphere when mixed with oxygen; there are flammable combinations in many industries every day, even where you might not expect them. This happens in the textile industry as well as in areas such as regenerative energy production from sustainable raw materials. The systems installed there must fulfill the requirements of explosion protection.

Ex protection is relevant for you if you manufacture machines and systems for the following industries, for example:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Regenerative Energies
  • Automobile Industry (paint lines, etc.)

Is your industry not with the program? Then make Contact with us immediately to find the appropriate Ex solution for you.

Products for Ex protection must fulfill special requirements with respect to ignition protection. Added to these are that special solutions are frequently used for Ex protection. Here, WAGO offers precisely what planners and system integrators want. Our flexible explosion protection product line can be combined safely and economically in just the right proportions – and this with a uniform system from non-Ex areas to Ex areas to the Ex areas of overall production. The ongoing competitive pressure makes it necessary today to exploit all optimization potential in order to achieve an advantage with respect to safety, flexibility, productivity, and sustainability. With our control and connection technology for Ex protection, you can start up machines and systems in areas subject to explosion more quickly and safely and also reduce operating costs thanks to maintenance-free components.

Advantages of WAGO products in your systems or machines for Ex areas:

  • Economical system operation
  • Quick start-up/service times thanks to modular concepts
  • Reduction of operating costs thanks to maintenance-free and vibration-proof connection technology
  • Adjustments can be made quickly thanks to optimal form factor and versatility
  • Thanks to global ship approvals, optimally suited for on/offshore areas

Also for Ex applications: WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 XTR for extreme application conditions as an exciting video

Contact: explosion protection

Do you still have questions about the application of our products for Ex areas? Then we look forward to your inquiry.

Persuasive references

Get some insight into explosion protection from a selection of the projects we have completed: browse our references.

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