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Telecontrol engineering - Sustainable Investment

Telecontrol engineering - Sustainable Investment

The fossil fuels are finite in our world, global warming is in full swing. In order to counter the climate change, the consumer-oriented power generation is becoming increasingly important. In order to incorporate these remote energy sources into the smart grid, a standardized data transfer is necessary: The foundation is telecontrol engineering from WAGO according to IEC protocols 60870/61850/61400 or MODBUS TCP/RTU.

Not only the energy consumption fluctuates daily. The supply from renewable energy is also included, since the power generated by wind and sun is also subject to natural fluctuations. The development of "intelligent power grids", the so-called smart grids is the reason that the power grids are not overloaded and bottlenecks occur in the power supply: They not only provide a uniform network utilization but also a more energy and cost-effective power supply. Smart grids accomplish this by cross-linking and controlling various sources of energy, power generators, power storage, consumers and network resources.

The change to the Smart Grid requires closer monitoring and control: PLCs previously only automated the decentralized power generation units. From 2012, in accordance with EEG, they must also transmit the actual power supply capacity (applies for systems > 100 kW) to the power company, in addition to the possibility of the power reduction.

Reliable and efficient telecontrol solutions with the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM and TO-PASS®

You are well positioned for future requirements of the energy market with the flexible WAGO telemetry solutions according to IEC protocols 60870-5-101/-104, 61850, 61850-420 and 61400-25. Switching, regulating, and monitoring remote systems in the smart grid - no matter whether via the internal network, the telephone network, the Internet, wireless via GSM

(i.e. GPRS) or wireless (i.e. TETRA).

Use our flexible remote control solutions to monitor power transmission and power distribution networks, so as to guarantee the energy supply. With the remote control configurator built-into the control system, you can also create IEC messages quickly and without complex programming.

For use in areas subject to explosions – such as gas distribution and gas control stations - the I/O-SYSTEM can process intrinsically safe signals directly from Ex zones. Eight different modules are available for the connection to the most diverse signals, even from zone 0.

We develop and manufacture project-specific, pre-wired system distributors - also completely programmed upon request. We will be happy to advise or support you. Contact us.

Convince yourself of our telemetry solutions: compact, economical and future-proof:

Information for WAGO products, IEC protocols, explosion applications as eBook and PDF

  • Information on the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) as PDF
  • TO-PASS® Remote Control Solutions as eBook (and) PDF
  • Everything worth knowing about WAGO remote control technology as eBook (and) PDF

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