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The combination of sensors, interface technology for energy measurement, and intelligent controls enable WAGO to identify products, peak loads and “energy hogs”.

What can WAGO solutions do?

  • Comprehensive network analysis.
  • Optimize supply cables for identical or similar systems.
  • Create transparency for timing changes and their effects on consumption.
  • Recognize and remedy asymmetrical network loads in a timely fashion, e.g. caused by insufficient compensation.
  • Identify/Avoid expensive peak load times by switching off secondary consumers at the right times.
  • Long-term changes in energy consumption lead to a significant increase for the manufacturer value in the energy passport.

3-Phase Power Measurement Modules

The WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 offers a comprehensive range of perfectly tuned solutions for your energy measurement applications. continue...

JUMPFLEX® Signal Conditioners

Easy conversion of currents into analog signals using the 857 and 2857 Series JUMPFLEX® signal conditioners. continue...

Current sensors and measurement

WAGO offers a comprehensive product portfolio for detecting currents in a wide variety of applications. continue...

Intelligent current sensors with MODBUS connection

Intelligent current sensors for monitoring solar arrays, or inverters for DC measurements within a large current measurement range. continue...

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