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Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering

In the various areas of traffic engineering, there is agreement: the extreme external influence factors affect the components used.

In trains, these influence factors can be temperatures from -40 °C to +85 °C; in ships, strong vibrations; and in elevators, shock loa s. However all three of these can also occur simultaneous y. The passengers cannot be subjected to inconveniences such as delays or getting stuck in an elevator or waiting in vain for their suitcases at the baggage carousel due to loose clamping points

Railway Systems

Railway cars for commuter and long-distance lines must be reliable, maintenance-free, and have a long service life. Sophisticated technology eases and shortens mounting times and maintenance work. Easy, quick, and safe operation is prized. continue...


There are many areas of application for WAGO Everything must function precisely if millions of pe ople are to pass through ai ports. The baggage conveyor system, building automation, the escalators, and the passenger continue...


Shipping requires gastight and vibration-proof connection technology. For ice-breakers, oil platforms, container ships, the marines or in the harbor, it is important to be ready to go at all times. continue...

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