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All CAE interfaces at a glance:

WAGO and Treesoft CAD

With Treesoft CAD control technology and building technology, you can create the following quickly, easily, and rationally: circuit diagrams, hydraulic plans, pneumatic plans, machine overview plans, switch cabinet views, electrical installation plans, as well as distributor plans. continue...

WAGO and AUCOTEC Engineering Base

AUCOTEC's latest product generation, Engineering Base (EB), is an E-CAE platform based on cutting-edge technology that offers different industry-specific solutions from one tool. continue...

WAGO and AutoCAD® ecscad

AutoCAD® ecscad is the database-oriented response of Autodesk to all electrical engineering challenges in the planning and documentation of electrical systems. continue...

WAGO and CADdy++/SEE electrical

CADdy++electrical is the modern tools for the end-to-end planning in electrical engineering. Easy to learn and simply to use, a high level of performance and solution capacity ensure a quick ROI. continue...

WAGO and E³.series

CIM-TEAM GmbH offers as one of only a few system houses a complete solution for E-CAE in the sectors electrical engineering, hydraulics/pneumatics, electronics and wiring. CIM-TEAM GmbH was founded in 1987 and now comprises of approx. 100 capable CAE specialists. Besides the original location in Ulm/Germany, the CIM-TEAM GmbH has eight branch offices and 15 sales partners worldwide. continue...


For more than 25 years, EPLAN has been developing all kinds of engineering solutions. As a Rittal subsidiary and part of the Friedhelm Loh Group, EPLAN Software & Service represents constant development and power of innovation, continuity, and investment security. continue...


WSCAD is a leading system provider of integrated E-CAD solutions. The company develops and markets CAD software and services for applications in electrical and fluid engineering, control cabinet design, electrical installations and building automation worldwide. In the WSCAD ACADEMY, users are trained to use the software correctly and efficiently. continue...

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