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Over Sixty Years of Innovation

Over Sixty Years of Innovation

From streamlining electrical connections with CAGE CLAMP®, to economizing automation via WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM — the first fieldbus-independent I/O system — WAGO continually sets standards for usability, safety and efficiency.

Our innovations include:

1951— Electrical interconnect patents established.

1968— PUSH WIRE® Pluggable Connectors — Sheer simplicity changed light wiring, including support for automatic light wiring in 1990.

1974 — Junction-box ready PUSH WIRE® terminations — Now, installers worldwide ask for “WAGO’s” when requesting junction box connectors for building installations.

1977 — CAGE CLAMP® Spring Pressure Connection Technology — Developed for all conductors, CAGE CLAMP® is a vibration-proof, maintenance-free alternative screw-based terminations.

1995 — WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM — World’s first fieldbus-independent I/O system simplifies automation and control architectures. Highly modular, users only need to buy the I/O needed for the job.

1998 — POWER CAGE CLAMP® — First adaptation of Spring Pressure for applications up to 200 A.

2003 — Push-in CAGE CLAMP® — A hybrid of WAGO’s PUSH WIRE® and CAGE CLAMP® technologies simplified wiring for smaller conductors. This industry-proven technology is a staple for panel-builders worldwide.

2006 — SPEEDWAY — Machine-mount IP67 I/O system meets the highest demands of harsh environment applications. SPEEDWAY has become synonymous with speed and flexibility.

2007 — TO-PASS® — Telecontrol solution for monitoring, supplementary I/O control via text (SMS) message and more.

2009 — PERSPECTO® — Comprehensive device that merges PLC logic hardware/software and HMI hardware/software, cutting engineering time and project costs.

2010 — picoMAX® — Ultra-compact PCB Connector System changes the price-to-performance ratio with up 20 g of vibration-resistance, space-savings up to 30% and absolute connection integrity to +125°C.

2012 — PERSPECTO® CPTV— Powerful controller and HMI in one integrated package. Unlike traditional configurations that utilize separate PLC hardware/software and HMI hardware/software, CP TV is an integrated, comprehensive logic and visualization solution.

2014 — PFC200® — Advanced compact, computing power in an easy to use environment for PLC programming and process visualization.

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